Indian River Lagoon

The Indian River Lagoon is at the heart of our County.  The area represents a very diverse shallow water stretch running along the Florida east coast.  In Brevard, the Indian River divides the mainland from Merritt Island and the beaches.  It a beautiful stretch of water where you can see dolphins and manatees.  Many great restaurants border the Indian River with beautiful views and boat access.  One of our favorite spots is Grills Riverside which offers riverside dinning and entertainment.

Located on the Indian River north of the Pineda Causeway on US1. Come by car or by boat, listen to the live bands while watching the dolphins play and the boat traffic cruise the Indian River Lagoon.  (

Grills Seafood Deck & Tiki Bar

From Grills you can also take a tour of the Indian River Lagoon with the Good Natured River Tours (  We did that recently and it was a wonderful experience.  You get a very different perspective seeing everything from the water.  The tour guides do a wonderful job explaining the sites and the history of the area.


One site that we passed by on our tour was the Dragon Point Mansion- home of Annie the Dragon.  The story of Annie the Dragon is quirky yet captivating!  The sculpture of a dragon was built years ago on the mansion’s site at the southern tip of Merritt Island where the Indian River and the Banana River meet.  While the dragon has collapsed and the mansion is currently in disrepair, a new Dragon Point mansion is being built and the dragon sculpture will be replaced. The old mansion was recently sold and has been called the most unique and iconic property in Brevard County. It is surrounded by water- over 600 feet of water frontage! (For those of you not familiar with our area, the top of Merritt Island is home to the Kennedy Space Center- 30+ miles north of Dragon Point.)  See more about the dragon on: Wikipedia:


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